Welcome to Lawtomated

The What

Lawtomated is a collaborative legaltech learning resource. It’s aimed at lawyer and non-lawyer alike interested in, using or wanting to understand legaltech. Lawtomated focusses on:

  1. Deep dives with regard to legaltech products, methodologies and technologies
  2. Innovation, adoption, change management
  3. The intersection of law and coding
  4. Legaltech profiles, both lawyers and non-lawyers (plus everyone in between!)

The Why

Legaltech isn’t new – think telephones, typewriters, photocopying, word processing, document management, email and the internet.  What is new is the explosion of interest in legaltech among law firms, in-house counsel and vendors… not to mention the hype and buzzwords!

Combine that with an expectation that legal workers do more with tech leaves an underserved gap: bitesize legaltech education. Lawtomated balances tech talk with plain English and practical application with blue sky thinking.

The Who

Lawtomated is staffed by an A-team of legaltech professionals, including:

  • Lawyers who code
  • Lawyer and non-lawyer legaltech start-up founders
  • AI data curation experts
  • Legaltech delivery experts, including vendor, CLD and private practice

The Commercial

Lawtomated is happy to support advertising and sponsored thought leadership articles.

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The Disclaimer

All opinions are our own and not the views of any employer nor anyone else (unless specifically quoted).  In addition, our thoughts and opinions change from time to time… We consider this a necessary consequence of having an open mind.

Likewise the same goes for any and all guest contributors to this site.